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Eligibility for PPI Claims

August 2nd, 2012

There are numerous things in the market that actually mis sells in the pseudo name of safety financial issues stand first and at the top of the list. Even among them, PPI claims come as a predecessor of all. There are certain cases that show clear instances of mis-selling. Just a little precaution and maintenance […]

Which? confirms that their negotiations with banks and PPI providers concerning the direct claiming of mis sold customers to them has concluded positively. The institutions have agreed to let customers make a claim straight to them. Which?’s idea stems from avoiding the unnecessary and time-consuming process of PPI claiming. This development, along with the Financial […]

Following the mis sold PPI crisis that had come up within the last few years in the country, PPI claims had run rampant as people had found similarities with their situations to those which had been elaborated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as mis sold PPI. This article includes those situations by which you […]

Mis sold PPI has been a one of the reasons why many customers file ppi claims against banks and insurance companies. PPI or Payment Protection Insurance is an insurance policy that covers all repayments of debts, loans, and mortgages in the event clients are no longer capable to make repayments. PPI has been mis sold […]