Zombie Attack in Miami? Whoa!

Posted June 1st, 2012 by admin

This recent news actually caught my eye last week. And I can’t help but feel a little weird about it. Zombies? Really? Read this clipping I found and see for yourself.

The Miami Zombie: “Bath Salts” Likely Cause of Attack

“In Miami last Saturday afternoon, a naked man attacked another man, biting off parts of his face reminiscent of zombie -like movies. The police arrived and pedestrians and witnesses claim to have heard more than one or three rounds being fired from their weapons. The attacker was killed and identified as Rudy Eugene, 31 years old and a resident of Miami.

Since the news regarding the attack of ‘The Miami Zombie’, rumours all over the internet hyped up the news that it was a zombie attack, that Eugene was subject to government tests that have failed causing him to eat people instead. While all of these are very extraordinary conclusions, Armando Aguilar of the Miami Fraternal Order of the Police believes the attacker was under the influence of drugs simply called as ‘bath salts’.

Bath salts are crystalized chemicals that contain some of amphetamines ingredients such as methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MPDV. They are commonly sold as substitutes for cocaine and the synthetic version of the now phased out LSD.

MDPV is said to produce feelings of empathy, stimulation, euphoria, sensory awareness and hallucinations upon ingestion and reaching the brain. It can lead to pulsation, high blood pressure and uncontrollable sweating. It is an addictive drug that is illegitimate in the United States.”

This came from this website. Well, given that its a reputable website, I’d give it a plus. But zombies? No. This man, according to the news, was a man with a history of drug abuse and violence. This reminds me of the time I watched a certain movie where they applied a serum to two persons. One of them became hideous while the other became superhuman.

Wait was that Captain America? :|

Moving on. If bath salts had the same idea, wouldn’t it be that it would show your deepest fears and anxiety? From an artistic perception and if the drug ‘bath salts’ indeed inflicted such consequences, well I guess it only serves as a mirror of your imagination, a hallucination.

Well I haven’t tried drugs so I don’t know.