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I am an artist; I get mood swings. This is the stereotype, but it is also the half-truth. I tend to get moody because I failed to show the expression I intended with my painting. Hours spent on conceptualisation and execution turned to dust, I spent time on revisions, which still failed me. Feeling down, […]

Many great works had been inspired by depression, disappointment, frustration or even pure evil. Some best-selling or famous artworks made by legendary artists were made during a time of struggle, such as a war, famine or national calamity. Art mirrors the reality that it was made in and without the needed inspiration coming in the […]

One of the most famous critics of the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway was the profound Gertrude Stein, who told him that art is not for the defeatist, but more for the person inside of you as you try to cheer yourself and other people up. In reality, she was pertaining to self-definition, or being self-aware […]

If you have never found yourself jealous about other people’s travels and what they’ve seen in other places, you actually should. Not because they can afford it, but because of the learnings they’ve experienced. To truly know more about things, one must physically travel to it. The Internet can serve its purpose to inform us, […]

Okay, so I laid off using the electronic cigarette. I’ve made a bet with myself; in one week, I would be nicotine-free. This means that no smoking or “vaping” for me for this week. If I could do this, I can easily turn away from the vice of smoking and nicotine once and for all. […]

Competitiveness is the key to earn the respect of your co-workers and superiors today. However, with many competitors that rank high above you in terms of skill or ability, you might be discouraged. The true secret to climbing the career ladder is not in doing well, but actually in doing everything that is expected of […]

Nowadays, it is quite easy to get entertainment. The advancements in technology, offering us the best in entertainment, gaming and other luxuries for a small price, had us actually pay a higher cost. A study from a psychology class revealed that almost 70% of their surveyed samples revealed a shortened attention span. Truthfully, it is […]